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[Project Herbitech] a WIP single player map.

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So, I decided to show some progress on my Doom 2 map, currently with the project name of Herbitech. (It was originally going to be the final name, but then I googled it and found out that a company called that already exists.)

The basic premise is that the players find themselves in a facility that conducts research and development of genetically manipulated plants, now abandoned due to the demon infestation.

I wanted this map to have an unique art style. White, orange and black are the dominant colors in the facility's interiors, and most of the big computer equipment have a retro-futuristic twist to them. It might not be very doom-like at all, but at least it will stand out.

Now for some screenshots with short explanations. Please note that everything you see here is still heavily WIP.

A view of the main lobby, slowly being taken over by a rogue experiment due to lack of surveillance. The fountain is eventually going to have a sculpture on the top (now if I only could figure out a design other than a DNA helix).

A closer look at the pulsating fruiting bodies of the rogue plant. The pulsating is there to make the player feel icky and uneasy near these things. You will find several of them through the map.

A look at the offices.

The conference room. I thought this was a funny way of explaining what a chainsaw is doing in a place like this.

A product display. I'm thinking of adding a "Our top products" sign or something.

Pretty self explanatory. The typo in the poster has been fixed by now.

Inside research and development.

Still in r&d.

Oh my... What a mess. This is the source of the plant infestation.

The greenhouse. I wouldn't eat the tomatoes if I were you. They didn't quite work out the problems with this specimen.

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This looks cool and unique. Good stuff.

Only one map you say? :{

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Z86 said:

Nice design! Are those textures hand-drawn?

Thanks! They are a mixture of hand drawn and Paint.net magic. The custom computers, the clean doors, the sprites, the tile walls and the lower halves of the two tone walls are hand drawn. The vines and the white parts of the two tone walls are made using noise and blur.

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I love the (partially) cartoonish feeling of your textures. Don't forget the flats =)

Tip: alo doN't forget to change the sky. I think it doesn't fit to the style.

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Nice :).

BTW there's a typo in the sixth pic - it's "foreign", not "foreing".

Thanks for the heads up! Gonna fix it now.

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