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Combat Arms

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I played it for a lot of the last summer and thought it was okay. I go back to it every once in a while.

Also, there is a shitload of guns. I wish more of them were available through the normal credits system and not the one were you have to pay real money.

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I used to play it a whole lot since I signed up for it in late December 2010. For a free-to-play game, it's okay. It used to suffer from severe hacking problems and, as a result of it, much of the community is extremely paranoid and will accuse you of hacking if you do well.

Speaking of the community, it's pretty horrible. I'm talking CoD, CS community horrible (based on my experiences with those games, at least). You've got powerlevelers who think they're pro, cliquish-clans who think they're pro, newbies who think they're pro...essentially most people in Combat Arms have this massive chip on their shoulder.

Also, like Clonehunter pointed out, there's a shitload of guns. The downside is that you have a split between guns/equipment you can get with in-game points and guns/equipment you can get with prepaid money, which (of course) has slight benefits over the stuff you can buy with in-game currency.

Combat Arms is an okay F2P FPS if you're new to that kind of stuff. However, there's much better alternatives out there. I've moved on from Combat Arms to Blacklight: Retribution, which I found to be leaps and bounds better overall in terms of service, community, game play, etc.

Hope this helps.

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I also have Blacklight but I still suffer framerate issues, but it seemed a lot more polished than CA was and hating the fact a lot of the crap is temporary which irritates me more. I am definitely not dropping any real money on that game.

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