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Share your favorite video game/film/TV show/anime music

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Deeforce said:

"The Rock" soundtrack.

Nice! I can't say I remember the movie but that song played years in my head till one day I figured where it was. It's in my opinion very similar to the music in Unreal Tournament.

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CrazyImpOnCrack said:

Hey people, I'm new here. I love Doom (obviously).

I thought this would be a fun thread to try out and a way for me to say hi to everyone in a way that doesn't seem awkward and lame.

Anyways, here is something I'd like to share:


Cool, Hi. I love the Oblivion soundtrack that track in particular:

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Hell's Vendetta said:

What can i say, i love dark ambient music.

I also love dark ambient. And man, you posted The Marshalling Yard (Second Half). I love that track.

Man, I've heard some really good music to add to my YT faves from what some have posted...

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Foodles said:

Cool, Hi. I love the Oblivion soundtrack that track in particular

Hell yeah. That one is really nostalgic for me.

Another one of my Oblivion favorites:

That game hasn't aged very well, but it's still really cool. Gotta love the music.

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CrazyImpOnCrack said:

I have ME2 but I don't even remember that track. I do remember it from Need for Speed: High Stakes, though... Hmm.

Yes I heard it said thats where it was orginally from.
its present in ME2 on Omega the Upper Afterlife "bar" or whatever you want to call it.

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Hitman 2 - 47 makes a decision
The whole Hitman 2 soundtrack is amazing, this is one of the best tracks.

Behold the Darkness by Medwyn Goodall
Used as inspiration on "Empire Earth - Enmity" track.

Duke Nukem 3D Theme (grabbag)

Magicka - At World's End

Deus Ex HR - Icarus

Deus Ex 1 Theme (Already posted here), also +1 for Red Alert's Hell March.

Deus Ex 2 also had an interesting take on the classic theme

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Looper said:

*unreal tournament music*

Oh snap! You just reminded me of how much I like this song

And since I'm thinking of it

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