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Weird Doom/Doom2/FDoom maps that rock in deathmatch

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When we were younger (cue wistful music), I used to hammer the various Dooms with my brother and our friends on linked-up Playstations.

While Dead Simple is obviously one of the better Deathmatch maps, strangely enough we found Sever the Wicked to be the best. We spent dozens, probably hundreds of hours on it.

When you go down into the basement area of the map with the lava, there was a soul sphere and rocket secret that was desperately contested. Most of the action happened in this area.

Action was also intense around the exit area which we called "the castle". More rarely, we fought in "the fortress", the area with all the plasma just to the right of the single-player starting point. You'd think that plasma would have been vital but no, we communicated with rocket launchers on this map.

You could also go up into some green corridors which we called "the party tunnels" because the colouring reminded us of some weird nightclub - none of us had ever been in one at that time. You could get a chainsaw, where we would hammer the buttons to select another weapon before the weapon's sound effect gave us away (we got very good at exploiting this to set traps for the other player).

So those are my memories. Anyone else know any maps that worked well in deathmatch?

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I played Map32 a lot. Grosse. Of all the maps, it's probably the only one I have memories of playing more than once and having a blast with.

It works as a big arena, with weapons under a bunch of the pillars. You'd snatch a SSG, and race past somebody and blast them, while avoiding rockets and bfg shots.

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shareware ffa is surprisingly popular to this day. not exactly my cup of tea though.

doom2 map11 is famous for very solid altdeath gameplay. map03 works as an interesting duel map, although rather frustrating if the other guy knows how to lock and dominate the mid area.

and two outstanding and classic 1on1 maps are doom2 map01 and tnt map01, of course. you can find them in almost every duel compilation wad.

oh, and doom2 map16 is a popular TDM map.

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MajorRawne said:

When we were younger (cue wistful music), I used to hammer the various Dooms with my brother and our friends on linked-up Playstations.

If we're going to mention the PSX, then I have to mention Redemption Denied. The number of times I was in vicious DM's on this map isn't worth counting.

Other maps that got a lot of time in DM were The Marshes, Twilight Descends, and Threshold Of Pain. I think the PSX-exclusive (because fuck the Saturn) maps were played a lot in DM for the sole reason that we had no way of playing them on a PC LAN at the time.

We would have bothered with The Mansion, but it just wasn't as fun as we'd hoped in DM.

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