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The Monitor

Randumb things to use

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Hello, everyone. This thread is about things you people and myself have made but never really used. Please note, if you post a screenshot here, I will consider it OKAY to use your idea, and the screens I post I will allow anyone to use as much as they wish.

Screen 1:

This room is built with Darkening textures, and it's a great big dome.

Screen 2:

This is a 100% 3D bridge, no stacked sectors or anything, all 3D floors, and this took about 45 minutes to make.

Screen 3:

Outside of some random base.

Screen 4:

Inside said base, with my favorite light.

Screen 5:

Some gothic room or whatever, really dark in software.

Screen 6:

Some other random base, with watch towers, that all look exactly the same, call me lazy.

Screen 7:

My personal favorite. This is about 350 sectors, all done in ZDoom Doom-in-Doom format. You may use this if you want, I don't care.

So, I want to see what you have made, but not finished, and please don't post 2 thousand, maybe about 10 at most per post, as I took about 17 screenies and used only seven.

Please, if you don't want someone to use what you post in a screenie, then don't post it. Thank you!

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