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Project: Cybernetic 2

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So, I am currently making a megawad project that has been in planning since 2011, I did not start building it until April 2012. It's a sequel to my first shitty wad I created called "Cybernetic" (search it up on /idgames). It got a ton of bad reviews and I knew it would. I rushed it extremely fast, and should of kept working on it, and frankly, I was a horrible shitty map maker indeed. After months of practice in Doom Builder though, I think I was ready to build Cybernetic 2. So far though, I only have half of the first map done since april. When the first map is all done, i'll be releasing it to the /idgames archive to see what players think of it. If they like it (if it at least get's 4 or 3 stars), i'll continue the project. If it get's horrible reviews (0 to 2 stars) I may not continue it.

The wad's story is the same idea as Doom 2, although it is a little different. Cybernetic's story was a teleportation lab on earth invaded by the demonic forces of the hellspawn, and with you the only lasting marine alive, you had to teleport to hell and defeat the overlord of hell in the devil's absence, the hellsmith. Cybernetic 2's story is you returning to earth and figuring out that half of the city is destroyed. Turn's out that the devil's soul still exists on earth, and with the devil (satan) finding out that you were killing his minions and foiling his plans, he decided to possess half of earth's population, turn them into demons to create new hellspawn. (Not going to reveal anymore).

So that's all I have to say.
Thanks for reading, happy dooming :).

Here are some pictures of what I have so far...

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Mapping isnt just about detail. Gameplay and having maps that look interesting is the key. Theres tons of maps out there that have great detail but play like shit and are flat out boring looking and predictable.

Those screenshots arnt bad though. Keep it up!!

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That's true. It's always good to have detail in your map, but the gameplay is really what matters the most. Say if there was just one locked door that required a key, so you went up the door that wasn't locked, killed a few demons then and there and there's the keycard just sitting in a lone, empty room. You run back, open the locked door and exit switch. That's some shitty gameplay there.

Thanks btw, cheers.

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try adding more crates inside your tech bases and borders and some missing tiles here and there and also a few terminals. That will help add more detail to your maps.

Dont forget to add windows as it makes your map look bigger than it is which is a good thing. Make sure you add more light variances in your map and put lighting around light sources because light adds alot of detail among itself.

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