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Troubleshooting Sikkmod and Wulfen

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Okay, so I got the itch to pick up the Doom 3 Pack on Steam today and tried fooling around with the big mods - Wulfen and Sikkmod. At first I ran into the resolution problems; the res wouldn't stick even after I restarted the game, so I went with the advice on the forums to fix it. Trying to activate Sikkmod from the main menu brings it back down to base resolution though. Eventually I just decided to stop trying Sikkmod and just use the texture pack, but Wulfen somehow keeps certain screens and interactive touchpads (like supply keypads) blank.

Any help in getting both of these mods to work properly? I've followed all the instructions, but the results have just been problematic so far.

EDIT: Sikkmod seems to be working fine now, but if anybody has any idea why the interactive screens in Wulfen come up blank I'd appreciate the help.

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