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ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #67 - Plutonia 2 (Part II)

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Load up on guns and bring your friends! We will need them because the monster filled second part of Plutonia 2 awaits us this week. Spacious maps, plentiful cybers for us to kill, thrilling gameplay in captivating environment - Plutonia 2 has it all.

Skill: Ultra Violence
PWADs: pl2, tskins1e, miekskins-r3, tns67
Maps: 17-30, 32
Lives: 1
More details...
The Euro session starts at 20:00 GMT (that's 15:00 EST)
The US session starts at 20:00 EST (that's 01:00 GMT)

In other news: WNF offers some flag capturing opportunities in "Project: World Second Edition" this Wednesday, and ZDS is all about instagib TDM in DCDwango this Saturday. Get ZDaemon and join in!

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