Compet-N: incoming and discussion, part 2 [post Compet-N entries here]

Alien Vendetta map 20 uv-speed in 2:53


my first competn demo, it's not pretty.. infact it looks awful, but the new trick here wasn't easy.

59 second improvement over the previous record.


As for nomos, on the webpage

"Other demos are not awarded by points (misc/built/nomonsters/...)."


So as I understand it they're fine to upload, but they don't count for points :)

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On 8/26/2017 at 3:28 AM, PanterD2S said:

No-Monster Runs now count for Compet-N too?  :-"

Nomo is not calculated for points but demos are accepted for upload for comparison. I did upload some nomo demos but don't have time to fill the rest :/ Hope I'll get my degree soon so I'll be back to Doom and fix everything including cndoom ;)

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