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Compet-N: incoming and discussion, part 2 [post Compet-N entries here]

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Alien Vendetta map 20 uv-speed in 2:53


my first competn demo, it's not pretty.. infact it looks awful, but the new trick here wasn't easy.

59 second improvement over the previous record.


As for nomos, on the webpage https://www.doom.com.hr/index.php?page=compet-n_rules

"Other demos are not awarded by points (misc/built/nomonsters/...)."


So as I understand it they're fine to upload, but they don't count for points :)


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On 8/26/2017 at 3:28 AM, PanterD2S said:

No-Monster Runs now count for Compet-N too?  :-"

Nomo is not calculated for points but demos are accepted for upload for comparison. I did upload some nomo demos but don't have time to fill the rest :/ Hope I'll get my degree soon so I'll be back to Doom and fix everything including cndoom ;)

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TNT: Evilution MAP27 Nightmare 100% Secrets in 2:56. This is my first Compet-N entry and after making 3:06 on my PrBoom+ run of the map, I thought why not get DOSBox working for yet another run. Some mistakes costed some seconds but overall, it's a whole minute and 4 seconds faster than the previous record for the map.



Update: Just did a Nightmare Speed demo on MAP27: Mount Pain for TNT: Evilution. My PrBoom+ run of 2:55 has now been beaten by 14 seconds, with a time of 2:41. And apparently nobody has submitted a Compet-N entry for Nightmare Speed specifically for the map, so may as well take the chance. This will be the last time I'll be playing MAP27: Mount Pain for a while.



Edited by GuyNamedErick : Another demo for the Mount Pain.

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Well I am my own hypocrite, did another two runs of MAP27: Mount Pain for TNT: Evilution, same categories. And this time I will mean it when I say I will stop playing the map for a while. The 100% Secrets zip file does have a demo with a linedef skip trick near the end, would be great in saving time but I can't seem to get it to work all the time. Regardless, feels like I have REALLY outdone myself.


TNT MAP27 Nightmare Speed in 2:35 - tn27-235.zip

TNT MAP27 Nightmare 100% Secrets in 2:46 - es27-246.zip

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Why yes, another TNT Nightmare run, and this time on MAP30: Last Call. My best run was 1:29 on PrBoom+, the time I got now is 1:25 1:24, a really big difference in time!


TNT MAP30 Nightmare in 1:25 - tn30-125.zip

TNT MAP30 Nightmare in 1:24 - tn30-124.zip


Edit: Removed 1:25 UV-Speed demo time, accidentally didn't noticed that 1:24 is the record.

Edited by GuyNamedErick : Second demo is not a valid entry, my mistake. Another attempt on Nightmare. Shortened post.

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3 hours ago, Grazza said:

There's already a 1:24 for UV Speed, so the second demo doesn't belong in this thread.


Edit: Ah, I see: there's an error on the pernicious hr site. http://doomedsda.us/wad944m230.html

Alright, I'll take down the second demo and get it removed from the Compet-N database, didn't thought of checking the MAP30 DSDA page for the Ultra-Violence demos. Funny enough, there is the 1:24 UV-Speed demo in this page here.




The error is also on the Doom wiki page for MAP30: Last Call too (as of this post), so it's not only the hr site.


Edited by GuyNamedErick : Doomwiki apparently has the error too.

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Sorry GuyNamedErick, for some reason demo was not in database, it was uploaded but it was skipped somehow. It is fixed now, sorry for any inconvenience.

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guess who's back...


Whenever a GDQ marathon is on, I kinda feel like speedrunning, until the next work emergency comes along and I forget about it again. Fortunately this time I got a run done before that happened!


With this I believe I have the longest Doom speedrunning career again (19 years, 11 months, 27 days), overtaking ryback, who is at 18 years, 10 months, 21 days - according to https://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html


I'm kinda curious if anyone has a longer career for any game...:)


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hey, I wasn't inactive. i was just sucking :P

(I've been trying a certain run for like the last two years, never quite made it though. no, not PA02, a pwad run.)

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On 5/10/2018 at 9:09 AM, Bloodite Krypto said:

Great demo Xit! Hope to see more in the future 🙂

Hi Xit,

there was some issue with PHP but its fixed, so you can upload it now.

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Hah, I just bought a new mousepad and was running HP08 just to test it out and got a two second improvement second try...insane lost soul luck this time. Just wish my running was a bit less sucky so this would've been an 0:24.


(edit: uploaded to compet-n incoming too.)


Edited by AdamW

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Finally kinda-satisfied with this time (though the two visible errors in the run annoy me). 16 second improvement.


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Here's a question about Compet-N compatibility... though I assume the answer is "no", is using pwads that fix certain things without changing the gameplay allowed? For example, a pwad that changes the SS to show all rotations when firing or a pwad that replaces DMXGUS/DMXGUSC with the fixed version from here the GENMIDI from here?

edit: I just realized that such a pwad as the SS soldier fix would require the usage of DeuSF to merge the pwad with the iwad... which probably disqualifies that.

Edited by Danfun64

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Doom2 map10 Nm100s and TNT map05 -fast

SAV88's Demo was already quite good for ns10 so this took some time to beat. The other demo was quite easy to get.

Also, I still can't upload demos to doom.com.hr




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