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Compet-N: incoming and discussion, part 2 [post Compet-N entries here]

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@GrayestOdinJim : ???

@AdamW Ah, since you're back, there were several people playing and reviewing MM2 in November. Not sure if you want to read all this stuff, but anyway on page 4 I think I finally replied to your comment about Insertion MAP09... Also, at doom.com.hr there's missing your m206 2:16 UV Speed demo. I guess you didn't care as you had 2:14 immediately after? I just ignored it and kept it like that.

@xit-vono Good stuff. m203 max and speed times are super hard to beat now, I suppose. Nice use of barons in m206 pacifist. I also uploaded all your oustanding demos.


m217 pacifist should be taken into consideration IMO.

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16 hours ago, xit-vono said:

Hey Adam, did you look at mm2 map04 pacifist? I was looking at it for a while but it didn't seem to be working, so I gave up and moved on. I didn't make any serious attempts though.

No, I haven't tried that one. I just picked mm2 map06 to run because I thought it'd be fun to have a record on my own map :) Didn't count on you and cyberdemon fighting me for it, heh.

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