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Compet-N: incoming and discussion, part 2 [post Compet-N entries here]

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Of course using Dosbox was never against the Compet-n rules, which specified the exe required but said nothing about the OS. As long as players adhere to the letter and spirit of the rules (which was sometimes clarified in the compet-n forums), there is no problem. If you use it as a way to get slow motion, then obviously you fall foul of the rule against that, but this is a separate matter.

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21 hours ago, fx02 said:

Dosbox...it's not valiÔĽŅd but how can anyone detect if someone used modified dosbox to record demos?ÔĽŅ

Bullshit! Dosbox has been valid and is valid, but I don't recommend it as you give yourself a handicap... unless one modifies the DOSbox and makes it non-laggy etc. Even Hi Jango used an emulator for his CN demos, but under the original exe!


But let's face it: who would be so stupid to modify dosbox to fake compet-n demos? Modifying LMP file is no rocket science, but modifying dosbox is a lot more rocket science. It's much more easy to fake a demo on sourceport and then say it is a vanilla under dosbox demo.


Edit: I guess you meant the "new compet-N"... my bad because I am not sure how the old and the new compet~n / compet-N differs. Maybe the way as I just wrote it?

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Hehe, of course DOSbox is ""valid"" as long as you use it without hacks and original .exe. I mean, finding modified dosbox is just few clicks away on any search engine, no rocket science needed today :)


@Fabian, yeah I will probably use high resolution as before...

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@Guiddqd   Long time, welcome back! I wasn't even posting demos, just starting lurking here when you were active.

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A demo from the past :-)


Doom 2 UV-Speed in 20:30, back when 20:32 was the WR. After this came the 19:59 by Zero-Master.


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Alien Vendetta MAP23 UV-respawn in 9:02

This is a map that has never been attempted before in the respawn category, so I was quite pleased to get an exit here. 



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