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Compet-N: incoming and discussion, part 2 [post Compet-N entries here]

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requiem map14 uv speed



This is pretty frustrating. Does anyone have any tips for the way back glide? Sometimes I use this strategy and it takes a whole minute.

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The glide on the way back is the same trick used on lv14 (elevator jump) and ev05 (key grab), you need to move to the .000000 coordinate (so doomguys hitbox is perfectly close to the wall). When you face as close to parallel as possible to an x or y axis you will move slightly towards the left, so in this case you'd be moving away from the wall when facing the 32 unit gap. So you either have to turn around or move backwards, so as an example let's say you turn around facing the other direction. What you want to do is to turn once more to the left and use vertical mouse movement (VMM) to get closer to the wall faster, then turn back to facing straight forward and again use VMM slowly. Using VMM and facing as parallel to the wall as possible is what allows you to move very slow towards the wall and then eventually reaching the .000000 coordinate.


You can strafe against the wall to see if your weapon moves rapidly (wobble). Once that happens you can just run or strafe against the wall while you turn around and run through the gap. Or you can do it backwards: turn once left from parallel angle with wall, use VMM backwards, turn right again to be parallel and VMM backwards, test by strafing towards the wall to see if it wobbles, if it does just hold forward while strafing against the wall.

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I'm not sure I understand your post. Are you saying that I should do the trick in 2 steps? First facing away from the wall and second facing parallel to the wall? There's not much room to work with because if you stand in the middle you will get wrecked by the mancubus.

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