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gaming rig for speeddemos

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Hello fellas,

yesterday I found my Doom mailorder and my old 486 Win3.1.
Yes, tears in my eyes.

I tried to start the rig and viola - back in time 1995.

I noticed at boot the rig got 66mhz and 12ram.
Yes, I noticed that at Doom too. Had to lower graphics.

Long story short: I want to record some speeddemos, but
w/o framedrops.

How do you play and record demos? Ports @ new Windows or
Win95/98 original?

Thanks brothers,

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I use a batch file for Windows or shell for Linux. Batch file makes it easy to load the same command constantly and with a slight editing can work through a megawad.

My batches also include a command that when uncommented grabs a levelstat from pr+. Make sure to comment the recording command so it is not erased.

Another command at bottom of batch runs a system test. Just runs game at full speed and prints the FPS. Very useful on my old computers, can setup desktop and various settings and see how many more FPS I can grab.

For Dosbox or vanilla doom I add novert.com so that it locks mouse from moving forward and back.


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