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The best place to upload for playtesting?

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So, the beta version of my map Herbtech is in need of playtesting, but you are not allowed to upload unfinished stuff on /idgames. What's the best place to upload in this case?
Also, I'm not entirely sure if I can get it to /idgames at all, since the level contains one Super Mario Bros 3 piranha plant as a hidden easter egg. The two animated sprites are ripped straight from the GBA version. Would this be considered a copyright violation?

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The easiest way to get playtest is to upload you map to a file hosting service (like mediafire.com), and then post the download link with a little description and some screenshots on this forum.

As for the second queston, you shouldn't worry about a sprite rip, as long as you give credit.

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Any hosting service that doesn't have download quotas, short time limits before automatically deleting files, in-your-face advertising or force prospective downloaders to jump through multiple hoops should be OK. MediaFire does the job for me with just the odd stuff-up.

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