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Doom 3 packages and re-releases

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Is it known how many retail versions of Doom 3 PC have been released? I'm kind of interested since I have personally seen at least three English European variations. The first I have seen is a jewel case containing 3 CDs. I don't know what the rest of the package looks like, but I am going to assume that it's a large box often seen in the 90's. The second variation I have seen is three CDs inside a keep case, rather than a jewel case, and it appears to be much more common on Google images. The last I have seen is a Best of Activision budget range release, which is obviously a later re-release. There are also the localized versions of Doom 3 that I personally wouldn't take into account. Last but not least, I bet there is a whole different branch in North America.

Edit: The European jewel case may be some sort of OEM release, but from where exactly?

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