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D64: Defeating the Mother Demon Without Artifacts?

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Let me do my best impression of a guy from 1998...


Doom 64 is the bomb-diggity. But, what if you've played all the way through it and ignored the secret levels and didn't acquire any demon artifacts?

Holy schnikes is this difficult! I can defeat the waves of monsters with relative ease, but the Mother Demon is something else. I'm sure that if I spent a ton of time and attempts at this level, I would eventually beat her. But, considering that I can't move on to another game to play unless I beat this one first (I'm weird like that), I need to get some tips.

So, since I'm sure many people around here have done it before...what tips do you have for beating the Mother Demon without any artifacts? Anywhere to hide to escape the homing rockets?

Alright, gotta go...TRL is starting. Peace.

But yeah, I never beat Doom 64 growing up and I would like to do so now...

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It's certainly a difficult fight. The rockets home much better than any other rockets, so you basically have to spend most of your time hiding behind one of the three buildings. Not using any cells during the initial fighting with the demons helps, since you'll want to use the BFG as much as possible for the Mother Demon. Your post made me load up Doom 64 and try it out, since usually I had the demon keys whenever I got to the Mother Demon, and it was definitely a challenge, since I almost died, though the demon hordes weren't bad, and keep in mind this was with Doom 64 EX which allowed for more fluent mouse control over the N64 controller. On the real console, I probably WOULD have died.

So yeah, tough fight there. The buildings are helpful, and straferunning is pretty much necessary to shake the missiles off out in the open. The more cells and health you have from the initial fighting, the better off you are.

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It can be done. The first time I played it I didn't find any artifacts. It took a shit ton of damage before I finally killed it. Drained the ammo in almost all my weapons.

I haven't given Doom 64 a full playthrough again since the first time I beat it, I should probably look for those things because I found out later that it's the artifacts that make the unmaker more powerful. Otherwise it's basically a plasma gun, and seemed very anticlimactic for me.

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Woop! I did it!

The trick I found was combine running and circle-strafing. Instead of trying the hide, I just never stopped moving. Once she fired the rockets, would hold the joystick up while running and strafing and I kept moving until I heard all of them explode on something. Then, I would get a couple of BFG shots in.

Boy, am I relieved. What a great game though. Can't believe it has taken me 15 years to beat it.

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