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The Damned - a classic Doom map

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Idgames link

Screenshots here

I completely forgot which folks here on Doomworld helped me with this level collab, but after sitting on my drive for a year an a half, I uploaded it.

Let me know what you think, and if you are one of the collaborators who mapped with me, please post here.

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Good job on this, you know there is a lot of maps that get released that boast enhanced features etc but really when it comes down to it it's maps like this follow a classic game play style with well designed layout can still stand out among those other maps.

5/5 for capturing what Doom is meant to be!

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FDA. I didn't like the western section (too many mazes/hallways) and some rooms were a bit overcrowded to the point where they were tedious to clear. Also, with the exception of the starting room, there isn't any memorable "central" areas so the map is a little confusing to navigate. Apart from these issues, it's a fun classic style map.

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I didn't make the western maze or not much other than the hallway past the key door, definitely one of the collab mappers who did that.

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