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A fresh new map. Anyone want to play it?

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I wanted to make some Doom maps but I could not be arsed to work on my main projects for some reason. And thus I decided to just make 1 single short map for Doom 2. Its a base map and can be completed in under 5 min. Difficulty wise I would rate it about medium hard.

Here is a download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?va8o1rnrbk5wtru

It was made in about 6 hours or so (that is what I am estimating, I worked on this on and off during the weekend).

Is it any good for six or so hours worth of effort?

EDIT: I forgot to mention that it needs Boom.

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It's pretty good, if a bit sparse. The difficulty isn't very high but it's definitely fun, and that's what matters. :-)

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Meh, this was annoying. No armor + lots of hitscanners = play very carefully or else you will be slaughtered. But I don't want to hide behind every corner, I want to run aggressively and blow stuff up.
The texturing is very monotonous. It's not bad but just boring: you pick 2-3 textures and cover the whole room with them. The map is also very flat.

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play very carefully or else you will be slaughtered

Had no problem with that, i was running aggressively while blowing shit up and knitting a nice sweater.

The visuals are bland both texture and detail wise, you really could've done better job in those 6 hours. The switches' textures are too high and the exit is just an easily accessible button on a pole in the middle of the room, player can simply dodge couple of monsters and finish the level.

The monster placement is symmetrical, and encounters are predictable for any experienced player.

Those corners filled with water reminded me my first and only DM map for Quake 3, man was i fascinated with Q3 skies and emerald water. And mirrors. I put everything on my map.

Looked like shit.

As for the heights i'd say it's a standard gradient of heights for maps with such amount of areas, look for example at much more visually complex but still as flat as your momma's chest Water Treatment Facility (2006, MaxPower8905).

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Memfis said:

lots of hitscanners

I have never really understood the complaints about hitscaners. Sure chaingunners sniping you is annoying but most of the time they are just target practice and fun to kill.

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Played it from start to finish. sweet little map. I didn't have any problems with the amount of hitcan type enemies. could use a little bit more basic detail(doortrk in some closets).

Anyway, good 5 min run.

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hardcore_gamer: I like fighting hitscanners too but you can't really dodge their attacks, so you either have to hide behind the corners very often or be more aggressive and take risks. I think that maps with lots of hitscanners should have enough health items to "compensate" the risks. Maybe I was just unlucky but I felt like there wasn't enough health items. Harmata says otherwise though. :)

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