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What are the best concerts you've been to?

These are all the ones I've been to, not counting the crappy local battle of the bands I saw at a nerby school recently:

1996 - Bumbershoot '96 - Bumbershoot is the Seattle arts festival...they have some good bands there from time to time...I mainly went there with my parents, but it was the first concerts I'd ever seen. Counting Crows were there...they were okay. Then there was Tiny Tim...my god that guy was the most horrible yet laughable thing to ever exist...good thing he died about 2 weeks later. Also, David Byrne (from Talking Heads) was there. He was cool, but his music kinda sucked. MxPx, who are from my hometown (and despite what they say, Bremerton is NOT a good place to reside) sucked, Superdeluxe was desent.

1997 - Bumbershoot '97 (Beck/Blues Traveler/Foo Fighters/a lot of other craptastic stuff) - At this point, Beck was the best concert I had ever seen...Blues Traveler was pretty good too. Foo Fighters sucked...I think they were drunk off their asses. I think Joan Osborne and Sheryl Crow were there as well...yech.
1998 - Bumbershoot '98 - I went there with a friend to see Live who kicked ass. Also, there was some other band who reminded me of garbage, but were from Seattle that we caught the tail end of. I can't for the life of me remember what the Hell they were called though.

1999 - KoRn/Rob Zombie - There was also some band called Videodrone or something there. Rob Zombie is one of the coolest concerts I've ever seen...fire, explosions, scantily clad women, robots...heh. And when KoRn was up, I saw more tit flashes than I've ever seen in any day in my life.

2000 - Nine Inch Nails/A Perfect Circle at The Gorge - NIN is the best goddamn concert I've ever seen, and the Gorge is just straight up THE best venue EVER. APC was pretty damn good too.

2001 - Ozzfest 2001 (Black Sabboth, Marylin Manson, other crap) - Black Sabbath fucking ruled (thanks to whoever gave me the heads up on these forums that they were back together for that run, I wouldn't have thought of going otherwise), Marylin Manson was actualy pretty damn good, Slipknot sucked, Crazy Town sucked, Linkin Park sucked, Disturbed was okay, Black Label society was okay, but they raped 'No More Tears' right there in front of Ozzy.

2001 - Tool - This could have been the best concert I'd ever seen (better than NIN), if it hadn't of been held in the damn Tacoma Dome...the accoustics there suck. Otherwise, it was a damn good concert. There was also some band called Tricky there, who were okay, but nothing special.

2001 - Local Rock Show - I just put this down here because it was the first local show I'd ever bothered to go to. I found that you can have fun even if all the bands suck. Also, there was a band who Played there called Magnetic North who are aspiring to be the next MxPx or something. Personaly, I think they're good for a lame punk band. I think they might have a nationwide album out in a year or two.

Well, personaly, I think this is a good topic, so don't go gumming it up with flamewars, please.

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The Flogging Molly show, this past Tuesday, was the first actual rock concert I'd been to in about ten years. (I saw Paul Simon when I was really litte, and that's all I can remember.) It was also the first club concert I'd been to. Here's the write-up in the Be-damned Land o' the Green. (kinda ironic, since FM is an Irish group, ne?)

I've been to a lot of concerts for my little sister's school. Yeah, I know what you're thinking... but my sister's school has actualy sold CDs of their music. Hell, they were in the Olympic opening ceremonies, but they were forced to back up Leanne fucking Rhimes. The indignity. :|

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