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Not So Doomed (parody/jokewad)

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A parody wad that I made that makes fun of certain situations in doom as well as some monsters, some content wads and certain people.

It features stuff like cut scenes between the doom marine and certain monsters, as well as stuff like medikits that run away from you.
All monsters have their own custom sounds as well as their own unique resurrection sounds.

Requires zdoom to play. THIS IS NOT A CONTENT WAD.

music credits
WINTER IN HELL by: TheHeartGrinder

if you like this music and want to use it in your own wad, you must give credit to the composer like I did.

There is cussing in this wad so if your one of those people that dont like cussing then please dont download this wad.

heres the link http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?pq8796679n1fdrv

some screenshots


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it need a second map.

said so i liked the monsters replacement, the mediket make me feel like a little bastard every time i killed one, but is actually ok , i liked all the ideas.

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The medkits weren't so bad, but I definitely agree with Memfis on the Archies. The Cybs are pretty funny though.

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Stuperdemon is actually completely safe in the 2nd picture because cyberdemons are immune to splash damage. But I guess you could argue that Stuperdemon is too stupid to know that.

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