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I did a level

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would anyone be so kind as to try my level and tell me what you guys think about it? Im trying to remake all first-episode nine levels, so far I got the E1M1 done.

here's the link to the map:

I followed the site's rules and zipped the wad along with the .txt descriptive file, using the ruled template, Im a good guy ya see.

here's the link to just the .txt file:

I take the level edit trying to put the DooM 3 spirit in it. Trying to make a DooM 1 level look like its actually a DooM 3 one. just tell me if I get it right.

Thanks in advance for your time, and thanks to anyone who might actually try the level!


PS: here are a few screenshots of the level

tell me if you guys can access the files and screenshots

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Heh, there is really not much to say about a short base map with 3 zombies. Let's see you make a map with some real gameplay. ;)

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