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Zandronum Christmas Community Pack

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Hello everyone!

About a week ago I came up with this idea: making a megawad of 32 maps Christmas-style ready to play before Christmas. At first I didn't believe that this idea would have gone any far, but day by day people joined, contributed and helped me in a task which seemed impossible to accomplish in a so little amount of time.
Today I believe more than yesterday that is possible for us (me and everyone else who joined and/or will join) to achieve the expected result by Christmas.

But let me go step-by-step.

I know what many of you might be thinking: such project can't be done in just two weeks, you would need at least few months.
Well on a side this is true, but we all know the "32-in-24", right? I don't want to push anyone to speedmap, I just thought that 32 people who map 30minutes a-day, everyday, for two weeks, would be enough to complete this project. As previously said I didn't think we could have done thins, but now we're about halfway: we have 14 mappers, one of them is building his second map already, the resources are ready and we keep improving them to provide the largest amount of content to play with doombuilder (or the map editor used, generally) and most of all we're motivated and we believe that we may reach our ojective.

So, in short, I came here to let you know that we're looking for mappers, and that if you wish to send a map (or two) you're welcome aboard.

Here will follow a full list of the details regarding the project, from its chracteristics to the mapper's list and the map slots.


  • Gametype: Cooperative/Survival.
  • Format: UDMF. But everything compatible with Zandronum will be ok. (if you use skulltag format remember to send the resources taken from skulltag_data.pk3, in case you use them.)
  • Jump and crouch: As you prefer but specify what is enabled and what's not when you send the map.
  • Custom textures: we can extract textures from other wads or rip our own textures from a scratch. Guaranteed references in the .txt for every resource taken from other wads.
  • Custom monsters: same as for the textures. Don't add custom monsters please.
  • Custom weapons: Don't add new weapons please, as well as Skulltag weapons (Minigun, Grenade Launcher, Railgun, BFG10K).
  • 32 Maps is the objective.
  • Detail level: as in coopbuildlm.wad. I worte detail level, not gameplay style.
  • [OPTIONAL] DM player starts and weapons if you want; would be cool to play some DM on our Christmas pack.
  • [OPTIONAL] Scripts.
Map Slots: Author
If it's blank it's unassigned
MAP01: W1D3A55
MAP02: one_Two
MAP03: Sicamore
MAP04: Seesine
MAP05: Guardsoul
MAP06: katZune
MAP07: if none else will apply for this slot Luke if none else will apply for this slot
MAP08: Devon
MAP15: if none else will apply for this slot Luke if none else will apply for this slot
MAP31: mifu
Mappers (listed by join date):
When you will send the map, please fill this form and attach it in a .txt file or in the "mapinfo" lump:
  • Map Number:
  • Map Name:
  • Author name:
  • Music lump, Author - Title:
  • Deathmatch 2-4 Player: YES/NO
  • Difficulty Settings: YES/NO
  • Base: New from scratch or what?
  • Build time:
  • Known Bugs:
  • Other notes:
If you don't know how to change the music, how to use a custom sky how to change its scrolling speed, how to set the name of your map, how to change the number of your map, tell me what you want and I'll do it for you.

  • December 8th: The maps will be tested and, in case it will be necessary, the mapper will know which things he/she has to improve, and what bugs to correct. We'll test them on a server.
  • December 19th: The wad will be compiled and sent to idgames.
Here's a download link for a small (10Mb zipped) bunch of midis taken from various wad, so that you can choose a midi for your maps if you haven't found a chirstmas-themed song yet. If you choose a midi not included in this group make sure to tell me where you took it, so that I can give credits to the author(s).


If you still have anything to ask, if you want to apply for one or more map slots, if you want to see what's going on, if you want to help anyhow or just for anything, you may reply to this topic, or to the original one (Linked below) or visit us on our IRC channel, on the Zandronum IRC: #zccp.

Link to the original thread.

Q: Will this community pack be compatible with ZDoom?
A: Yes obviously.

Q: I have custom content I'd like to add, shall I use it?
A: Yes, as long as you don't replace anything. If you think you've something good enough to be the replacement of anything contact me and we'll see how it fits within the wad.

Q: I wanted to take a certain map spot but is taken by someone else already, shall I have it anyway?
A: Ask her/him (links to contact them provided in the first post) or ask me and I'll ask them.

Q: I'd like to collaborate but I don't want to waste my time for a project lead by a newbie mapper, shall you show me some of your maps?
A: Sorry! But this is my second map, as for the first I don't have it anymore. You've to trust me when I say I'm a good mapper; I just detail too much.

Q: I don't have time to buid a whole map, I can make a draw at most would you use it?
A: Of course! If you want to build the shape of a map and have someone else placing the things and detailing it it's okay, it will show two or more authors in the mapinfo though.

Q: Are you even serious? 32-maps in two weeks?
A: As said above, 32 people mapping 30 minutes a-day, everyday, for 14days should be enough to build 32 maps. This isn't a pretentious project even though we'd like to make something great.

Q: I'd like to contribute but I don't know how to map, all I can do is to ........ Shall I do anything?
A: Depends from what you can do. The best thing to do is to show up in the irc so we can talk of the details in case we need your help, but as first tell us what you can do.

Q: I know how to map but I suck.
A: Is this even a question? Anyway, don't worry, as long as you can draw a square it's good, at most we'll add details by ourselves.

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EvilNed01 said:

I'd like to make one, but please explain the term UDMF?

See the post above for the answer.

If you wish to make a map you're welcome!
I suggest you to use the UDMF format, but if you prefer another format it will be good as well; the only reason for which I mentioned it, is because it's the format that leaves the most freedom in terms of mapping, in other words makes possible things which are impossible in other formats.
However, let me know if have to add you to the mapper's list. Since we're only five days far from the first upcoming deadline, I saw don't worry and take your time, but keep in mind that christmas is right here and if we want to make it in time we can't waste time procrastinating.
Generally speaking, I won't doubt of your dedication. :)

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