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Windows 7 Wad auto run with problems

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So before I downloaded zandronum all my doom wads when i clicked em ran with zdoom, but now they all run zandronum instead, and im forced to drag and drop them over the zdoom.exe to run them with zdoom.

How do I change the autorun back to zdoom?

When I try to update the runwith list for zdoom it doesnt stick at all and just reverts back to zandronum.

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Where is the runwith list? Is this a file kept in the program folder? If so, Win7 has strange permissions with program files. You'll have to associate the filetype through the Control Panel instead.

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I switched all my stuff to launch with Zandronum. I, myself, use Windows 7. Right click on a WAD, click "properties", under the "general" tab click "change" and browse for Zandronum. Once I did that it associated all WADs with Zandronum.

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