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Chex Warrior

FIXED [GZDoom] All sprites have black blocks around them

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Hey guys, getting a weird glitch with GZDoom. When I play, all the monsters and some other things (fences, etc.) have black backgrounds around them.

I went ahead and tried ZDoom and there wasn't a problem (nor in PrBoom+/GlBoom+). Went I first got this computer there wasn't a problem with GZDoom, but I recently reinstalled windows, along with everything else and I suspect it must have something to do with that.

Win 7 64 bit
AMD Radeon HD 7700
8 GB Ram

I'll post better specs when I'm at my home computer, and I'll try a fresh install for the Radeon drivers, in the mean time anyone have any ideas?

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The only time I ever got such an effect was when using mac53's infamous "truecolor" sprite pack with ZDoom, although the billboarding effect was cyan. That was 5 years ago, too.

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Alright, its fixed.

I tried what you said Gez and it seemed to make no difference so I went ahead and cleared the display drivers with Driver Sweeper, than reinstalled the driver that came with my comp and then installed the updates, after that it worked, so I guess it was some kind of driver problem.

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