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Hacx Soundtrack DVD Released

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Another game soundtrack! Must be getting close to Christmas.

I don't appreciate having to create yet another online account in order to purchase a copy.

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Another piece of excellent news, first Aubrey Hodges joining Doomworld and releasing the PSX soundtrack and now the Hacx soundtrack another favourite of mine.

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Vaporizer said:

Not a fan of the sound either, maybe it was made on high-end synthesizers, but most of the time it sounds like the result of a free MIDI to MP3 program.

I figured this would eventually come down to "I prefer my sound font." :P That said, does anyone else think there are some errors in the transfer of Alcatraz (within the first minute or so) and GenEmp Corp (after the accel)? I haven't finished listening to the whole sound track so there might be more cases where I find it sounding messy.

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I've sent an email to Jim Lynch to see if that issue can be corrected. Since DVD-R media is used it should be easy to send a corrected master and replace the discs.

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CacoDoomer said:

Any word from Jim?

Actually forgot I wanted to post about it here. Sorry about that.

He has been... surprisingly unhelpful. First I informed him about the AC3 64kbps audio, and even offered to remaster the disc for him. Here was his response:

Thanks for the observation. Unfortunately, the software I use to create the DVD does not have any other options for audio. I’ll certainly keep this in mind for any future DVD project. To tell you the truth, I don’t hear any differences from the MP3, one or two spots, perhaps. It’s like the vinyl versus CD discussion – some people miss the “warmth” of vinyl records; to me they just sound scratchy J

To make a quick comment on vinyl vs CD, I noted that CD audio is able to losslessly represent any sound the human ear can hear. To simply my request, I ask him if he would be willing to offer lossless FLAC renders for those who purchased the DVD (possibly with proof of purchase by forwarding the order confirmation). Specifically: "Really, the only reason someone would purchase the DVD is for perfect audio quality, so you should do something to rectify the situation."

Ok, I put a zip file of 320kbps mp3 files here:

... snip ...

So his solution to the problem was to zip up the mp3s hosted on his site and send a link. Silly considering they're all available for download from the site. I reiterate that he should give lossless renders, and that I don't feel that this is asking too much from him. But seeing as I got no response I have to concur with your suggestion "Do Not Buy!"

Perhaps his "high quality" synth is only able to produce mp3 files. :P

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On the DVD I recognized the pre installed orange arrows from DVDstyler and if he did use that, I know he could have had higher quality audio because I use DVDstyler all the time. Funny how I am not a professional sound guy and I hear the differences between the MP3s and DVD and he claims he really does not. Oh well at least we got the MP3s.

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