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- I thought it was called Tiny Maps?

- titlepic is too big (320x200)

- Why is zdoom recommended for the entire wad?

- map15 and 31 need the secret exit line actions

- in mapinfo, map15 = next map31, map31 = next map32, map32 = next map16, map30 = next map33, and 33-39 next maps are wrong

- map06 my map is called tinytod and is limit-removing, designed for prboom-plus -complevel 2 (could you write that somewhere in the txt?)

My map is Pottus' version that desynced my demo, could you use this version plz? tinytodfinal.zip (includes music and a demo if you want to use it as DEMO1 or 2 or 3)

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Jeez, 5 months since previous post. A bunch of download links are probably dead, so not sure if anyone even has them all.

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