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D3 BFG's Editing

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After last D3 BFG patch, game is checking crc of some *.resources files...

I know what in console works this commands:

I know how 1st command works, but how can i write *.Resource file?

"writeResourceFile" will require a certain "manifest file", but what is it? Is it something type of list of files? Or this file should contain crc, generated by "generateResourceCRCs" and files list?
Does anyone know anything about the structure of the "manifest file" and how to create a resources file?
I need add to game another language's font, but game checking all crc... Even when i use second defaul base folder (\Documents\My Games\id Software\DOOM 3 BFG\base)

Yes, game uses this path as second game path, if someone doesn't knows.

I also tried to use my folder (i create in game folder mod folder).
And i use shortcut's parameter "+set fs_game mod" to add another resources file. (i take some files from Rage to use Rage's localized font). And it is works, game works with this file without problems, but only before last D3 BFG's patch, which "Added additional anti-cheat measures"
Now game is crashing with crc error...

Can anyone help? Need help with console command "writeResourceFile"
and "manifest file"

p.s. sorry for my english)

p.s. for my font i use _common.resources and _ordered.resources files.
And i know what "buildgame" or "fs_buildresources" (i forget which of this) creates this files in second base folder (in documents) if i use "+set fs_game mod" command... but this files also doesn't work.

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