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68-year-old man braves the Antarctica winter

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Hell's Vendetta said:

Surely this is impossible right?

"Fiennes and his team plan to arrive in Antarctica after Christmas and begin the trek itself in early March...If all goes to plan this will finish in September"

Not impossible per se, but incredibly dangerous nonetheless. Traversing antarctica during the winter months is tantamount to suicide really. There is no resupply or rescue during an antarctic winter, let alone any respite from the incessant wind. Modern conveniences and technology aren't going to help too much. I'm not even 100% if they will have any kind of reliable satellite communications. Permanent bases there don't, so I doubt they would either.

6 months of wandering through a literally featureless blinding desert is enough to drive one beyond insane I'd wager. Keeping warm will be second to keeping the mind focused.

Fun fact: Famed british antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott died while trekking somewhere across the ross ice shelf in march of 1912.

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