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Ultimate Doom levels in Doom 2?

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Episode 4 of Ultimate Doom is my absolute favorite, but I think it could be so much better with the monsters from Doom 2 and (more importantly) a super shotgun. Overall I'd want gameplay to be the same but a little more difficult. I think there's a chance this probably already exists..?

If not.. I don't know what my next step is. I have no experience creating maps and don't think I have the patience to balance levels (or even the ability since I almost never play single player). But I'd like to try. I'll just cross my fingers and hope someone can point me to what I'm looking for instead. :)

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Well considering what you'd be doing is combining two IWADs, it's something you would have to do for yourself and couldn't release.

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purist said:

Making a Doom 2 episode of E4 style maps would be quite a cool project.

Very much agreed. It's my favorite episode out of the original Doom, and I love all the skulls, bricks and demonic outdoor areas, mashed together with the orange sky. Which also happens to be my favorite sky texture in vanilla doom...

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