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PhobosDeimos Anomaly

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PhobosDeimos Anomaly -- download from /idgames

In light of DTWID-LE's release, I thought it fitting to also upload a related compilation. For those who weren't around for the news, a young Doomer and DTWID contributor, Phobosdeimos1, passed away earlier this year. Among his legacy were a plethora of DTWID submissions that, while not that id-like in the strictest sense, were creative and fun to boot. As of this date they have had no proper release, so I sought to rectify that.

PhobosDeimos Anomaly is a set of twelve vanilla-compatible DTWID submissions by Phobosdeimos1, divided into two episodes of six maps each. Target IWAD is Ultimate Doom, and co-op and DM starts are included (though both modes are untested as of this time of writing).

Some screenshots to set the mood:

Special thanks to Mr. Freeze for music (some selections from the DTWID alternate soundtrack) and Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri, who co-authored E2M6. All other credits belong to Phobosdeimos1 himself, as I'm just a messenger. Just felt like giving these maps the proper release they deserve, so here they are.

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Very good of you to do this Xaser, and these maps will be helpful for Interception part II as I plan to do a map in PD's mapping style so the more reference material there is the better. It's good the community here is still carrying PD's efforts forward it really goes to show that there is more here than just a bunch of people people Doom.

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Quite sad, but so very awesome at the same time.

*sigh* how good would it be if one could map for all eternity in the next life/phase/chapter/episode/level.

RIP PhobosDeimos1

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Unfortunately, I happen to know that one of his last projects (unfinished) was a birthday map for me last year. He was recording the Doom Building process, which is how I know about it.

I think I'll have to give this a go, I remember enjoying his maps.

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