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BEX: lost souls exploding on contact - SOLVED

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How can I make lost soul explode while attacking you via BEX? I need it to be a lost soul - flying, chasing you and spit out by Pain Elemental. The charge is not absolutely neccesary.
Edit: now it works, you can expect something this year!

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I wrote the BEX code for DoomLegacy, but don't know of
any strange usage of BEX that would accomplish that.

Some thoughts:

I do not know of a way to detect contact, and do not remember any BEX monster function that detects that. The code detects contact as hits and applies appropriate damage.

Missiles detect hitting and can explode.
You would have to define your lost soul as a slow missile.

You could change the melee attack to an explode.
If the port has Heretic support then you could use the object effect for exploding pods, otherwise it would have to copy an exploding barrel
It would not be on contact, only when close enough for melee attack.

MBF compatible ports have a TOUCHY flag (for mines), and A_Detonate which allows more control. Check for BEX documents for how it is supposed to work. Forum Reports vary.

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