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Plutonia 2 Map 32 patch

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Here is a fixed version of pl2-32 that was waiting to be compiled with other bugfixes. Looking at speedruns on Youtube, I thought I may as well share it right now for our beloved UV-maxers. It fixes teleport bugs and IIRC the nazi with the crusher.


Feel free to upload it wherever you want, as well as including it with your demos.

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Before uploading to idgames, I'd suggest to make sure there aren't others bugs preventing an UV-max. Could you confirm this?

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What about the visplane overflows and disappearing sprites? Well, the latter isn't that much of an issue to be honest, but VPOs occurred to me frequently in the Icon of Sin area. So basically, if you're playing map32 in vanilla/Chocolate without saves, you're crazy.

I've noticed some VPOs in a number of other PL2 maps. I recall that map20 was pretty buggy too.

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It's t.v.'s part for the Icon of Sin, I don't want to ruin what he could have thought as the right placement for his vertices. You could redirect him to this thread if he is willing to complete the patch.

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