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Yet another true color Doom port?

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Seems so, although it seems to be a Doom 3 BFG edition classicdoom derivative with a 24 bpp extension (hmm....it would be interesting to compare classicdoom vs linuxdoom, BTW).

Timewise, it seems completed just a tad after I released Mocha Doom v1.6, and of course way after _bruce_'s work, which however uses a very different codebase (Chocolate Doom) and a different approach (full HSV processing).

So, True Color Doom is definitively here to stay, in one form or the other. The real challenge is offering it in a package that people will want to "buy", so to speak. Not many -including me- would like to give up limit removal, DEHacked support etc. for true color.

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Nice to see a new addition - I read a bit on the site about it and it seems somewhat complicated to me.

People will buy into it if they see an added value that is easily accessible and doesn't get in the way of its original purpose.

As it stands the new additions, aka high color ports, seem to be a novum but not something too practical for many users.

The audience for my offspring is chunky choco with a sophisticated twist - enabling a PSX like influx but with a high quality approach. A thing that Doom/Mame people may find interesting, though I have to put a lot of work into it before I can call it a valid option regarding the color "lighting" capabilities.

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