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Ok, I'm trying to make my upcoming megawad usable in more ports. I designed it while testing in Risen3D (no specific Risen3D stuff) and it also works fine in gzDoom.

But when I try to get custom textures working in glBoom+, they don't show up. I've tried different combinations of lump tags all day long and I've tried to imitate other wads that I know work in all three engines, but no luck.

I've got my .png hi-res images in HI_START/HI_END tags. I've got the .bmp equivalent files inside PP_START/P_END and FF_START/F_END tags.


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Ok latest thing I tried is converting the .bmp to doom pallete using Slade. That allowed me to add the textures to the patch table...I thought I was in business...but when I fired up glBoom+ I got an error msg about the textures and it wouldn't load.

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Doom doesn't use BMPs for graphics. Flats need to be converted to Doom Flat format, and wall textures and any other graphics need to be converted to Patch format (aka Doom Graphic).

The hi-res textures probably should be PNGs.

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marysson said:

Yeah did that, same problem. :(

Did you put your flats (Doom flats, not BMPs!) between FF_START and F_END markers?

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Shadow Hog said:

Does GLBoom+ even support PNG textures?


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Why can't I use wall textures on floors in PrBoom? I have to go through and change any wall textures I used to an actual flat?!?

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