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Trying to Open eternity.cfg Will Freeze My PC

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I just tried to open the eternity.cfg to look at some stuff, but my computer froze when I tried to open it. What should I do?


I just thought of a way to get around this. I made a copy of the cfg file and changed the extension to a txt file. I was able to look open it and I changed the r_tlstyle command to 0 for no translucency style.

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Freezes when trying to access disk files are almost always a sure sign that your hard drive is failing. I started having these kinds of problems a few months before my XP machine's hard drive mysteriously became an "unmountable boot volume" one night.

Chiefly, Firefox started to hard lock the entire machine when it would attempt to access a particular file that was part of the "chrome" UI system. It had been moved onto a bad sector during a previous defrag operation.

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