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Uncap FPS

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Is there a way to uncap the FPS? If so, would doing so break anything regarding the compatibility settings and monster behavior? What are the pros and cons of uncapping the FPS in the Doom engine?

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"d_fastrefresh on" in console. I personally can't tell a lot of difference in software mode. In GL-in-2D mode it's essential.

There are no compatibility concerns.

The pros are smoother rendering. The cons are greatly increased CPU usage; d_fastrefresh basically renders frames as fast as it can until your CPU cries uncle. EE doesn't interpolate between frames like PrBoom+ or ZDoom, so it looks relatively natural, this is either a pro or a con depending on who you talk to ;) .

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To my surprise, d_fastrefresh was already enabled. So after reading what you said about EE not interpolating frames, I figured out why EE feels less smooth then other source ports. Though I think no interpolation is a good thing, I don't like interpolation of any kind in any video game.

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