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Any reasons sloped 3D floors won't work?

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... Because it doesn't.

I've been making sloped 3D floors for I don't know how many maps now, but now all of a sudden it doesn't work anymore. Has there been a change to GZDoom perhaps?

The length of the dummy sector is the same length as the sector in my map, and everything else seems just fine.

I can move the dummy sector up and down all I want but the result in the map will stay straight, while the dummy sector is sloped.

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Solved it already!

To anyone having simular problems: I selected the wrong line-def for 3D floor. Instead of selecting the part that was sloped in the dummy sector, I selected a line of the part that connected to it.


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Now if only GZDooM would support translucent, sloped sectors all would be right with the world. Heh.

(For those who need to have translucent, sloped sectors, the current solution is to use a model that is suitably shaped. It's a little cumbersome, but can work resonably well.)

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