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How is the translation of a HellKnight to a Baron of Hell?

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I made some Hell Knight sprites, and I want to convert them to Baron of Hell sprites. Instead having to redraw every sprite with the Baron of Hell's sprites as base, is there a way to translate the sprites to make them have the same collors of the Baron of Hell? I have been trying to do this myself, but I can't reach the same tone of pink for his skin, and have no idea of how to get the tone of yellow of his legs.

EDIT: The legs translation is appreciated, but not necessary. The closest I could get to translate his upper skin is "48:63=16:31", "128:143=32:47", "144:151=32:47", but its too dark.

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Use DeHackEd or any similar method (DECORATE, EDF, and so on) to assign the baron sprite to the hell knight. In DeHackEd you simply go to the text editor (F7) and rename BOS2 to BOSS. Now the hell knight will look like a baron yet keep its usual stats.

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I don't think a simple translation will work. I think at Id Software, they used the base, unpaletted Baron graphics which they then recolored with some image editor, and converted to Doom's palette.

That would explain the mismatches. (E.g., two pixels that have the same color on the baron might have different colors on the knight; and vice-versa.)

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Could open it in GIMP and use the color correction tool to create a color mapping. You can manipulate the curve by grabbing it to move certain colors to other colors. This will adjust all colors that are close to the adjusted color.

You could also select by color and replace it directly.

Have to do each frame of the sprite individually, so best to write down
the conversion steps based on the first frame.

Could also try to convert the sprite files to RGB in text
format and then use an editor to convert RGB tuples to new selected values. See GIMP save formats.

Aside: My preference is that the Baron should have more than just color changes. It could be a little heavier, stronger, have more armor, to justify its higher defense rating.
This can also be done in GIMP using shear and resize tools.

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