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DoomLegacy Alpha4 release

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DoomLegacy 1.44 Alpha4 svn999 is released.

New features:
* New fog effects for 3dfloors and water.
* Translucent Alpha 0..255
* mouse interface options
* Compile options for CD-music and IPX
* Colormap options
* Main menu like Vanilla
* Plutonia text
* more ...

Many bug fixes:
* OpenGl rendering of translucents
* OpenGl 3dfloors
* OpenGL statusbar positioning
* OpenGL info query buffer overrun
* OpenGL draw of Boom colormap sectors
* Boom translucents
* Chase camera with splitplayer.
* Heretic and Blasphemer can use SWITCHES lump
* Mouse in OpenBSD,
* Compressed patches in Requiem
* Great Fragglescript cleanup
* DEH bugs, hardened against malicious DEH and BEX strings
* Segfault in Dsv4.
* Segfault due to path name string.
* Signed mapthing_t angle negative bug
* Game Save buffer overrun
* Pain Elemental spawn behavior
* Doom2 Map8 bug
* TNT Map30 stair, TNT Map31 missing yellow key
* Stuck monsters in TNT
* blockmap memory corrupt
* more ...

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