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dobu gabu maru

Need help dealing with Doom limits with my map

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So my map is failing to nodebuild (ZenNode Normal) and I'm curious about what to do about it: is there a work around or do I have to start deleting a bunch of linedefs? I checked this thread since Major had the same issues as me, but I haven't reached the upper segs limit (65536) and am just wondering what the next step to take is. It's a Boom compatable map FYI, here is a picture of the details. And I'm not just looking for something to fix my node problems (like using ZDBSP to save), I want to make sure PrBoom -complevel 9 can run it as well.

Finally, if anyone wants to peak around themselves, I've uploaded it here. I'm not really computer savvy, but I appreciate any assistance you guys will provide.

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I don't think ZenNode supports the doubled segs limit (that is, 32768 or more). You'll have to use ZDBSP or another nodebuilder that does.

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ZenNode actually worked up to about 29000 linedefs and then quit out on me. I tried saving in ZDBSP but it failed to build nodes too, so I lowered some of the surface area of the place in the middle and it was able to save. Is there a limit to the size of maps on doom? For instance I know if I delete the sigil and squish the areas together I'd be able to continue mapping...

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