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Mystery Man in 3D

Thinking about buying DOOM II in a Box...

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I already have 5 official PC copies of DOOM II (Hey, you can never have too many copies of DOOM, especially when it's your favorite game of all time!). I'd like to get another one, this time in its original box complete.

Here's the two I have my eye on currently:
Which one do you guys think is the best one to buy?

This doesn't mean I'll buy it immediately, but it's something I'll definitely consider...

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First one is a DOS version, while the second is a later Windows (Doom 95) version. I'd value the first one higher because of that.

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I just bought the boxset you guys were pinpointing me towards. Thanks for your help! Much appreciated.

Plus, with fraggle's comment (which I actually read AFTER buying the boxset), that will make this an even bigger trinket in my grand archive...

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