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GZDoom lights

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Hello all,
I'm editing a map with very low light levels. I've noticed that some walls are completely black, or have a brightness unexplanably lower than the adjacent ones. I've tryed to change the light mode in the options, but the problem is always there. It seems there is something about brightness calculations that I do not understand.
Can someone give me some clarification?

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Are you talking about the walls' appearance in-game, or in Doom Builder? Because I know that Doom naturally darkens north & south (or maybe it's east & west) walls in software mode. I haven't really played around with it, because I believe it's an intentional feature of the engine, not a bug. Although maybe faffing about with the fake contrast settings would have an effect on it. Also, I'm pretty sure it doesn't occur in hardware mode.

Sorry if I've completely misunderstood your post. Another possibility is that you've flagged the linedef with 'absolute lighting' in Doom Builder, but I don't think that's it in your case, because then it would be like 100% black - as in, no texture visible, even up close (unless using light amp goggles).

A screenshot would be very helpful, because I'm not quite sure what you're talking about. Additionally, how dark are we talking here? Around or below 60?

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