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New ZDoom map/project

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Now that I'm all done with my maps for NEIS and am just patiently awaiting final contributions from the rest of the crew, I've started in on a new project. It's going to be a (maybe mega-) ZDoom wad (for DOOM2!) with far too many new monsters and weapons, but otherwise maintaining a classic vanilla-y feel. For now it's just known as NEIS2, though it will probably get it's own title by the end. I just finished a rough draft of the first map and could always use feedback.






No ducking/jumping.

Oh yea, sorry for the file size. All the new junk's in there already.

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Looks very good, has that "old school" style to it. Keep up the good work!

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Whoops. I suppose this is partially my fault for being one of the ones causing all the waiting. Welp! Guess it can't be too bad if it hasn't killed the creative streak you've had since... ever. :P

Will check this out soonish.

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This map has a real tnt evilution vibe to it. I really liked it. It seems like a hard map at first, but once I got used to the 'groove' of the zombieman rifle, then it became pretty straightforward. That weapon is actually really satisfying to use.

In fact I like the gun so much that I played the next several stock Doom2 maps using it.

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