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Smart Scavenger - A Mod/Resource (V3.2 Released! 11/23/14)

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Have you even come across an unavoidable large ammo pickup in a narrow hallway or right in front of a switch, and were forced to pick it up, even though you were only a few rounds short of maxed out? Ever kicked yourself later for having done that when you came face-to-face with some mean S.O.B that wanted to eat your face off, and you just didn't have enough ammo? With Smart Scavenger, those large pickups now break down into smaller pickups if you have more ammo than the amount that the pickup would normally refill, leaving the odd clip, handful of shells, rocket or cell on the ground to pick up when you need it. Smart Scavenger also comes in versions for Doom Roguelike Arsenal, Brutal Doom: Sperglord Edition, Freedoom Phase 1 & 2, Heretic and Strife!

Smart Scavenger works through a combination of ACS, MAPINFO, and DECORATE:
-MAPINFO assigns a value to each skill through the ACSReturn property.
-An ACS script retrieves this value and gives a ResultValue that can be used in DECORATE expressions.
-The actors that replace the large ammo pickups check this value to determine whether the current difficulty is one with a 2x ammofactor, along with the presence or absence of a Backpack, to aid in properly determining whether the player's ammo stores for the applicable type are depleted enough to give a large ammo pickup, and if not, drop several small ones.

Download Smart Scavenger - Version 3.2

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Smart Scavenger V3 is now out! Check the first post for the download.

Smart Scavenger Version 3 Changelog:
-Support for Doom Roguelike Arsenal and Brutal Doom: Sperglord Edition added. Use smartscav-drla.pk3 and smartscav-bdsperg.pk3, respectively.
-Ammo and Medikits no longer 'warp' to the player's position.
-Medikits no longer break open when player health is >= 100.

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Version 3.1 is now out! Check the first post for the download.

v3.1 Changelog:
-When using the Brutal Doom-Spergload Edition version, playing on difficulties w/ 1.5x ammo drops caused the Shell Box to not drop the right amount of shells.

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