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rainy/foggy/mountainy thing

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this is for gzdoom

i started this a couple of days ago, but it got kinda big so i figured i'd share it. i think it has a cool ambiance. just wanted ya'lls thoughts thus far.

right now the rain effect is just a dehacked patch. it's a bunch of ss guys dying and dropping clips over and over, which are subbing as rain. i'd like to improve this.

since this wad is going to be more focused on exploration versus fighting, i slowed the players speed by less than half, feel free to turbo through it. also, unless you bring down the console and mess with "movebob" the player speed look RIDICULOUS. does anyone know how to tailor this with ACS or DECORATE?



oh yea, vines and stuff are from khorus.wad and the wires are scuba steve's from action doom. ambient sounds are from free sound project.

make sure ya turn off the music. if i hear the first 10 seconds of d_runnin one more time...

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I like the atmosphere of this. Looking forward to improved rain effects. Please continue developing this.

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