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Gzdoom Builder released!

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This is a fork() of the Doom Builder 2 source that supports Gzdoom editing fully. I have tried this out on Windows 7 Enterprise and it works perfectly and it is very stable indeed.

Here is a screenshot editing a map for the PSX Doom TC. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=rgvu3d&s=6

Use Firefox to visit realm667; it is blocked in Google Chrome for Malware. I already had the .NET framework installed; all I had to do was install Directx and it works perfectly. Just unzip into a folder and you are done!

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neubejiita said:

Use Firefox to visit realm667; it is blocked in Google Chrome for Malware.

It's blocked in Firefox too. And there's a ZDoom thread that is safe, as CodeImp noted.

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CodeImp said:

To be frank, this thread does a better job showing you what GZDoom Builder is (even though it also has only 1 screenshot)


It is also the official thread maintained by MaxED, the maker of the GZDoom Builder branch.

Thanks for the link. :)

I was told about GZD-Builder some time ago, and it works great, although it's a good bit less stable than standard DB2. Regardless, it works fine and it's really great to have the dynamic lighting etc. available in preview mode, etc.

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