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Doom 3 roe grabber problem

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I have been playing Doom 3 roe for some years,but i have encountered a strange problem.See screenshot


As you can see by the screenshot,that the grabber shouldn't look like that when using it!.Has anybody else had this problem and if so can it be fixed?.Thanks for looking.


My system spec:-

Windows 7 service pack 1
4 Gig ram
ATI radeon 5770 HD(1 Gig ram),catalyst version 12.6
Intel(R) core(TM) 2 Quad CPU 8300 @2.50Ghz 2.50Ghz
Creative SB Fatality

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ladderman said:

ATI radeon 5770 HD(1 Gig ram),catalyst version 12.6

I'm highlighting your video card because A, ATis can be iffy with OpenGL, and B, it looks like it's probably a driver issue from your screenshot.

The grabber, when activated, uses a shader to distort the geometry around the weapon's aperture. Your video card hardware and/or driver are clearly not executing that shader properly.

Also of course, make sure you don't have any mods loading automatically, as they can easily screw stuff up in such ways.

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