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[RELEASE] Monochrome Mapping Project (latest fix August 1st, 2013)

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Da Werecat said:

It looks weird. And it's an obvious error.

Should I fix it once again? Which nodebuilder were you using to save the map? Just in case.

Hm, I've never noticed anything. Weird.

I think the nodebuilder I use is ZenNode, but if I'm perfectly honest I would't know one nodebuilder from another. Heh.

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Please fix it, if you would be so kind. Jeez, I'm getting old.

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It's been around two weeks and no one is complaining about me slacking. I'm starting to think that no one cares anymore.

Well. Anyway.


1. Support Storage was replaced with a new "white" version. 'Nuff said.

2. Abusive was replaced with a new version. 'Nuff said.

3. Control Center wasn't replaced with a new version. I just fixed some door tracks, that's all. It's MAP06 slot, Jesus Christ.

4. Outpost Gamma was replaced with a new version. Also, a small error was fixed in the new rocket launcher area.

5. Up Town... well, you've guessed it. Also, one more action was added to the elevator near the start area, because it was possible to get stuck inside. After some struggling to compile the map without HOMs, some glitchy stairs were discovered. Strangely, I haven't seen any sleepy monsters.

6. Monochromatic Affinity.

7. Good and Evil, Black and White. With the aforementioned cosmetic error fixed.

8. Some music tweaking, mostly "new" tracks for Jaws' maps. We still have 7 "silent" levels. I don't want to assign random Doom 2 tracks to them, but I don't have much choice, right?

9. Almost forgot. Two new skies were added. Grey clouds for E1 vanilla maps and reddish clouds for E2 vanilla maps.

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1. cool
3. lol :D
4. what was the error?
5. What was the wrong with the stairs? Also, Yay no sleepy monsters!

Thanks for adding the music & I think the new skies look great.

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And with that patch I can finally finish the Monochrome Mapping Project soon! Cheers Da Werecat!

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@ Da Werecat: I care, I've just been out of town for a couple of weeks, so my internet access is severely limited. Figured I'd give everyone else a break, too. Downloading now - how close to 'final' do you think this update is? From your notes, it seems good to me. Although maybe I'm just chomping to get started on the next MMP.

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Jaws In Space said:

what was the error?

Jaws In Space said:

What was the wrong with the stairs?

Some geometry wasn't properly merged, I guess. I'm not sure I found every instance of it, I will test the map later.

Suitepee said:

And with that patch I can finally finish the Monochrome Mapping Project soon! Cheers Da Werecat!

I'm sorry it took me so long. I could start on it right away, but I'm not very reliable, it seems.

schwerpunk said:

Downloading now - how close to 'final' do you think this update is?

I've found some problems already, so there will be at least one more update from me.

I'm not very happy about the situation with music. I was kinda hoping that someone will contact the authors and ask them to pick some tracks, but... well...

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1. Support Storage: 3 missing textures were fixed. The cyberdemon couldn't hear the player with the spawner door closed, so I lifted the door a little bit. If it was intentional, I will revert it back in the next revision.

2. Outpost Gamma:

Because the second revenant couldn't hear the player while the door was closed. Again, if it was intentional, I will revert it back.

3. Good and Evil and Stuff: I made a decision to move it to MAP30 slot, because I'm a compatibility freak.

Random thoughts.

* A small software glitch in Brown Room:

Probably not worth fixing.

* All shapes are blending with each other in Outpost Gamma. I would suggest picking yet another texture scheme, but I dunno, maybe it's just me. We need another opinion on that.

* An unusal texture choice for this map:

* I've completed Up Town on HMP with 100% kills. This imp is the only monster that behaved strangely:

I had to wake it up with a bullet, but it didn't seem to have any problems with attacking me after that. It's acceptable, I'd say. We still don't know much about the problem anyway.

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Hi guys,

First off, schwerpunk & pfl - apologies for not replying to your PMs - had some major stuff happen that has kept me away from most things and I've been in a dark place and one I'm only now coming out of. Anyway, just thought I'd update on where I am at.


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While I'm here, I'll upload this.


I was screwing around with music. As a result, a few Marathon tracks were added. Maps to check out: MAP02, MAP15, MAP17, MAP20. At least I've tried.

Cacowad said:

wut? there was something wrong in here? o.O

It was your own fix.

Speaking of which, I think the map was nerfed a little too much. What's the point of waves if there are no barriers preventing the player from escaping the battle?

Phendrena, hi. Coincidentally, I have a question for you too. There was an oddity mentioned at the DWmegawad Club thread. Is that a bug?

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Yeah that sounds like a bug as there shouldn't be anything to prevent progress if you have the keys. I'll have a poke around and see what I can replicate and then correct the bug!


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joe-ilya said:

Why do I see my entry in page 1 when it doesn't feature in the actual wad?

Every complete entry goes up on the OP (unless the author doesn't want it there), because this thread is about the discussion of monochrome maps in general, not just the megawad(s). Given the experimental (and still evolving) nature of this project, I'm hoping this policy will help the monochrome endeavour mature as a whole. So even if you have an idea you're unsure would make it into any megawad, feel free to post it here for feedback.

P.S. sorry I've been inactive in this thread / with the project. I'm busy with the start of college + a little burnt out with mapping.

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Right then....

There was a rough rogue linedef that was flagged as "Pillar_Build" - this caused the problem that was sealing off access to the switch needed to open the way to the exit.

The two dormant pinkies were exactly that - flagged as dormant so they were never going to work!!!

I notice from the play through video I watched that the smaller doors aren't correctly using the graphic scaling I setup (TDOOR1S, in the texture lump is scaled version of TDOOR1), these would need to be added/corrected in the main megawad itself.

One other thing of note, the difficulty - it was designed to be played from a pistol start. I know my enemy placement and variety could be better so as I am using ZDOOM as my exe of choice I will add an inventory check - it the player starts with the Chaingun when the level starts then more enemies will be placed, and other changed.

I'll work on the above and post the update over the next couple of days.


PS.... the music, it's all in the readme (open the map in slade or whatever!) - anyway it is..... R-Type Level 1 (remix) by Chuck Dodgers

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I've updated Monochromatic Nightmare to V1.0.1 that corrects the game-breaking bug. It also makes some of the secrets (hopefully) more obvious.

Grab it here:


If this update does get stuck into the main megawad, then please can the corrections also be made to the smaller door textures as I noted in my previous post they appear to have been missed from the texture lump in the main megawad.



PS: I'll upload the revision to the map to ID Games shortly!

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Hey do you guys remember this image from way back on June 1st

Well here is what I've added to that map since then

This map is essentially all of the rooms from Doom 2 maps 2-7 thrown into a single map. I did make quite a few alterations to the rooms, but they should still be fairly recognizable. Monster & item placement is completely original. I have not yet added difficulty settings to this map except for the starting room. Here it is

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Bummpity Bump bump bump

So uh there was a plan to fix a number of the problems with the Monochrome Mapping Project years ago after it's less than positive debut for the Doomworld Megwad Club, but due to a lack of interest the fixes never got compiled & released. Until Now! Most of the fixes & compiling was done by Da Werecat, I only did the final touches in getting it all together.

Monochrome Mapping Project

Fixes were made to:
Map 3
Map 4
Map 6
Map 11
Map 18
Map 19
Map 20
Map 23

All of the maps now feature music, which was either added or the maps just uses the default Doom 2 midis.

Hopefully I didn't mess anything up when compiling, check it out for bugs if you can, & it there are none I would like to get this version onto the Archive sometime in the near future.

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Cool, thank you both for your time and effort.

While i don't have not time to play again the set (since exams are approcing fast), i just gave a look around my map... While i still like the aestetic, i think i have overnerfed it, wich in turn trew the ammo balance off the window.
Additionally i think i bit more than i could chew at the time with that random monster spawner, if i would have to redo it i would dith it entirely in favor of a more controllable enviroment, while reintroducing the barriers to exit the little "arenas".
Well, if i ever touch it again i'll post it here.

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