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First Released Map "Water Plant"

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My first released Doom map, But also not my first map created. The map is easy and basic with three Zdoom features. It gives a classic feeling of early doom maps. I recommend use Brutal doom to make more fun to play the map and I am not sure If it does work with different source ports. All I know it does work with GZdoom and Zdoom.

It requires to use DOOM2.WAD and doom 1 textures for doom 2 from afterglow.

Here is the two important links for the map.

MAP: http://www.mediafire.com/?gwso0t8v0vemws2

the correct sky and few textures for the Map: http://www.mediafire.com/?lx4oq3wrh3fpopl


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It looks fairly decent although there is not much variety and it seems that you don't know about "lower/upper unpegged" flags? You should learn how they work, it really helps with aligning textures. The gameplay is really bad: most of the time you just walk around killing single monsters with a shotgun. Surely you can think of more interesting gameplay situations?

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I do know about lower/upper unpegged flags but I just don't use that much. I just align the textures on 3-D mode in Doombuilder 2 manually. I only often use lower/upper unpegged flags on fences or something like glass windows.

Also I don't have any good inspirations on the gameplay. But I am not so sure about my ideas are good enough or probably the players would give up as too hard to beat the map.

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