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Slumped music

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Im sure all of you have heard this question about 500 times, but im having trouble putting an mp3 in one of my wad projects with slumpEd. ive tried what people have said in what ive read, but im still really stuck.

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I'd personally recommend using SLADE instead seeing as it incorporates most (if not all) of SlumpEd's features. Usually I copy and paste if the music's from another wad or click Import File if it's a regular music track. Hopefully I've helped. Also, I'd recommend posting future requests like this in the Editing Forum: it'll probably get answered quicker that way.


EDIT: If you want the music to play on MAP01 for example, rename the music as D_RUNNIN (the name of the song for MAP01). You can apply this for other maps as well.

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For a Hexen project, you have to define the song used by the map in the SNDINFO lump. (If it's for Hexen-compatible source ports such as ZDoom, it can go in MAPINFO instead, where it is more logical).

Note that in vanilla Hexen, SNDINFO lumps aren't cumulative, so you'll have to copy the entire lump from the IWAD and then edit the bit at the end where map songs are listed. In ZDoom they are cumulative so you don't need to copy the entire SNDINFO lump, but you also don't need to edit SNDINFO at all.

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